1. catsbeaversandducks:

    Photo via Animaux & Compagnie

    Seriously should have watermarked these pictures. I’m too lazy to find the “original” on that Facebook page but these are my pictures :)

    (via houndandhorde)

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  2. Ugh I know I should just give up but this still annoys me :/

    (This is from Rats are Awesome- RAA- on FB)

    I’m not mad at these people for re-posting because most people just don’t understand sourcing issues on the internet and they’re just sharing a cute picture but I hate that these pictures are everywherrrrrre without a source. 

    And if it were just a random photograph of one of my rats I wouldn’t really care but I worked hard on the original “ratvocates” idea and it took me a long time to come up with the phrases and make the cards and take all the pictures and it’s just nice when I actually get credit. And linked to the blog so people can see my other stuff. And they usually just post this one of Remi and people should be able to see all of them :P

    Blarg. I see it on RAA a lot and I usually comment but I’m not on many other rat groups so I’m sure it goes uncorrected there. Oh well. Can’t get them all. 

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  3. myrattiebabies:

    The original source for this is actually Karasratworld, which can be found here

    God it pisses me off when I see these pictures without the source, Kara worked very hard to get them all to be still for her photos.

    Thank you for adding the source!!

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  4. seemeinanotherlife:


    cause she deserves credit where credit is due!

    Aw thank you!!

    It’s funny how the repost has more than twice the number of notes as the original post but oh well! That’s the Internet for you!!

    Next time I’m watermarking the images :)

    (Source: darkvoodoo23, via wildfreeandcareless)

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  5. Carefresh has added my source to their picture. Thanks to everyone who defended me :)

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  6. Carefresh just stole my picture yay.

    I see it reposted all the time and I try not to let it bother me because that’s the nature of the Internet but when it’s a company it really bugs me that they didn’t bother to put the source because I worked really hard on the pictures :/

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  7. If people wanted to submit pictures of their rats being “ratvocates”, I would totally publish them!! But be warned- they do not like wearing the signs lol

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  8. New FB group RATS ARE AWESOME wants to use your photo for banner


    New FB group RATS ARE AWESOME wants to use one of your photos of rats holding signs, as a banner on their site. And wants your fans to join! Can we use the banner?”

    This was a submission from a new rat group!

    Feel free to use any pictures from my blog you would like for your banner! I only ask that you add “karasratworld.tumblr.com” as the source so people know where they came from. If you want the original size files, send me an email at kloyd91@gmail.com and I can give them to you.

    Also: Check out the group rat lovers :)

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  9. My cousin told me she saw my ratvocates on buzzfeed today. And it’s actually sourced! I’m so excited yay. Go ratties!

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  10. Hey guys- these are my rats :) Here is the source feel free to come check out my blog for more cute rat pictures!

    If the original poster could add my source, I would really appreciate it! Thanks :)

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  11. "Ratvocate" outtakes- teehee most of the time they are pretty cooperative during photoshoots but after a while they had enough of the signs. I don’t blame them! They were compensated with yogies and juice so at the end of the day they didn’t have too many complaints :P

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  12. Anonymous said: Someone's posting your rats all over Reddit. It's horrible.

    Yeah it was actually my friend’s boyfriend. He posted them on imgur first but didn’t include a source, which upsets me especially since I specifically asked for them not to go there without a source- but I think it’s hard to add a source there I’m not sure. Or he could have linked directly here but again maybe not I don’t post to reddit so I don’t know how it works. They did make it to the first page so that’s cool. I put my link in the comments section. I know he didn’t intend to steal them or anything like that, so it’s ok :)

    Last time, the images got taken from imgur and put all over the place so that’s sad since I worked really hard, but what can you do :/

    Here is the link for anyone interested! Mostly nice things in the comments- some of the usual reddit-style negative comments but hopefully we are changing some peoples’ minds about rats! 

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  13. "Ratvocates" part 2!! For part 1, see here

    Rats are intelligent, affectionate, clean animals. They have a bad rap because of the actions and reputations of their wild cousins but they make amazing pets that love to play, learn tricks, and cooperate for photoshoots :) Domestic rats are used extensively in scientific testing that saves and improves millions of human and animal lives. Their wild African cousins are used to sniff out landmines to make our world a safer place. Rats follow us wherever we go and the similarities between our species and theirs are striking. Before you judge a rat for it’s name, get to know one and I guarantee your opinion of them will improve!

    Please don’t rip this image off onto imgur or facebook or anything without my source! I worked really hard to get these pictures- feel free to link to karasratworld or this picture link specifically

    Many thanks to damn-i-love-hot-pockets,  darkseductionsjustgottabruxsahara-edition, and mutedmirth for all your wonderful suggestions and inspiration <3 

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  14. Starting ratvocate photoshoot soon- rats are currently sleeping and haven’t eaten since last night so I hope I can wake them up and give them a treat and they will be good for the camera- wish me luck!!

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  15. damn-i-love-hot-pockets-deactiv said: Maybe for the rat protest thing you could talk about how they really like to snuggle? Like bruxing/boggling idk this is probably a dumb idea

    teehee I should do something like that- I used “I’m loveable” last time, but maybe something more like “I love to snuggle” or “I brux and boggle because I love you” or something cute like that. IDK! If I could get them to boggle while taking the picture I would totally do that, but they do not really like doing photoshoots so that doesn’t seem too likely. Maybe if I gave Lucy a bunch of yogies or something…I shall experiment :)

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