1. Haha sure! I move things around a lot so some of these are just different arrangements of the same insects :) Some of these I bought but most I caught either here in MD, in Colorado, Belize, or Thailand. I started out collecting for a class but now it’s kind of turned into an artsy thing so now most of them don’t have labels or anything.

    This is just skimming the surface of what I have but I can only upload 10 pictures lol

    #1: Some of my butterflies- I have a lot more- not all of them are in my apartment so I can’t take pictures of all of them now :/ I have almost 60 in total
    #2: My original collection for my entomology class
    Beetles- I bought all of these in a box and then took them out and re-arranged them
     My original butterflies- I’ve taken this apart now but I really liked the arrangement
    #5: Male and female Luna Moths
    #6: Paradise Phantom- this is one of my favorites because it has transparent wings
    #7: Pearl Crescent and Common Whitetail Dragonfly
    #8: Unidentified little blue. I’m not skilled enough to classify these you have to look at their genitals I think
    #9: Eastern Pondhawk

    I mostly have butterflies and dragonflies because I only have a sweep net but I do have cicadas, grasshoppers, katydids, beetles, etc. etc. as well!

    Sorry to everyone who didn’t want to see a bunch of insects on their dash :P 

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    wow!! it looks like art except with insects but y’know amazing collection dang
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    I love the beetle one!
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  34. oy-eld-thankee said: What is the beetle above the bottom left one( the shiny green one) its very pretty… also the blue striped one on the right is cool too!
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    this is really cool!!
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