1. So I’ve been thinking of getting a white ink tattoo of rat feet- just the front like this:

    I know white ink tattoos can be fussy and are more likely to fade and all that jazz but I like the subtly. I’m not sure where I would put it. In a perfect world. I would want it on the inside of my wrist but I know that makes it more vulnerable to fading and stuff since it will be exposed to light and chemicals. Anyone have any ideas about placement? I already have one tattoo on my back and I want to be able to see this one without a mirror :) Here is my other tattoo:

    Anyone have ideas for placement? Or have white tattoos that can offer some advice? :) Thanks!

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  5. icomefromdownworld said: My tattoo on my wrist has had almost no fading in 2 years. But your skin level/ type and your daily activies will be such a huge factor thats not saying yours will be the same. So yeah…that was no help
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  10. mutedmirth said: Get your rats to run across a card with painted feet (that’s non toxic) you might get some nice references
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  12. arcturuz said: arcturuz.tumblr.com/pos… i got this done a few months ago. i’ve heard the ankle is a good place for tattoos as that part of skin ages really well?? (pls don’t take my word for it!)
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  15. brian-my-left-testicle said: I got my rat’s footprints on my right shoulder blade
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