1. "Ratvocates" part 2!! For part 1, see here

    Rats are intelligent, affectionate, clean animals. They have a bad rap because of the actions and reputations of their wild cousins but they make amazing pets that love to play, learn tricks, and cooperate for photoshoots :) Domestic rats are used extensively in scientific testing that saves and improves millions of human and animal lives. Their wild African cousins are used to sniff out landmines to make our world a safer place. Rats follow us wherever we go and the similarities between our species and theirs are striking. Before you judge a rat for it’s name, get to know one and I guarantee your opinion of them will improve!

    Please don’t rip this image off onto imgur or facebook or anything without my source! I worked really hard to get these pictures- feel free to link to karasratworld or this picture link specifically

    Many thanks to damn-i-love-hot-pockets,  darkseductionsjustgottabruxsahara-edition, and mutedmirth for all your wonderful suggestions and inspiration <3 

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    Rats are great. I had a pet rat named Terrance. He loved sweet potatoes and pumpkin seeds the best of all things. He...
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