1. Ok so after working a long day at the zoo with the orangutans (and teaching the 2 rats that are on display in the Think Tank how to roll over :P ), I came home and cleaned my whole room and deep cleaned/re-did the rat cage. And all the ratties got baths! I have no idea where all that energy came from but it’s gone now. But it’s good that I did it because my room was a disaster and the rats were very dirty!!

    Trying the fleece covers instead of the bedding so we’ll see how that goes hmm. 

    And yes, my room has a jungle mural on it. A family friend painted it when I was in 7th grade- I am just that cool. I miss it when I’m away at college! 

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    Okay your room is the coolest ever. I wish I had a sweet mural like that on my wall!
  26. mutedmirth said: Your room is amazing!
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    Wowee I have the same cage for my boys! Mine is significantly more dirty right now though haha…Sadly my rats arent...
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  37. rat-ramblings said: Let me know how the fleece cage liners work out! I would be tempted to try them myself! Cage looks amazing!
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    OMG your room is amazing!!!
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