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  2. Off center Oliver

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  3. Got the ratties back!!

    Thank you so so much thecatscactus for taking such amazing care of them! So happy to have them home :)

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  4. Very concerned on how to get down. 

    Also you can see her chin stripe! It’s almost never visible but it’s my favorite part of her marking :)

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  5. This is how Nora begs for attention. She just stares at me like this and poses and I can’t not take her picture. There must be 500 of this exact shot but I don’t care she is just so pretty so you guys will be forced to look at every one!

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  6. I’m sorry I suck at answering these!

    The dog should be fine as long as they don’t have any unsupervised contact with the rats. You could try showing your parents some videos of pet rats or have them meet rats at a local pet store. But they are a ton of work and they can be expensive so unfortunately if they aren’t up for that you might not be able to get them until you’re living on your own :/

    Advantage kittens will work :) When mine got fleas, I bathed them with flea shampoo and then put them in a bathtub with water up to their waist for 15 minutes so the rest of the fleas would drown. Then I ran a flea comb through them and put the advantage on them. I also deep cleaned the cage and that did the trick. Here’s more info. 

    Just google third eyelid in google images and you’ll see what it looks like. It’s basically a white membrane in the corner of their eye that sticks out. It sounds like she might have allergies or a respiratory issue. I would definitely recommend going to the vet and seeing what they think. It doesn’t sound super serious but she is probably uncomfortable so it would be worth checking it out and hopefully getting some medicine. 

    Honestly that doesn’t seem like a great food. It’s got a ton of corn in it. It’s also got artificial dyes and sunflower seeds are a major ingredient. I would try to find something else. I don’t know a ton about the best UK rat foods. Anyone have any suggestions?

    As far as how much to feed them, there’s not a great answer for that. It depends on their age, how many you have, if they’re hairless (hairless tend to need a little more food to help their metabolism keep up), etc. etc. A lot of it is trial and error. Keep track of their weight and adjust the amount accordingly. Fresh supplements sound awesome. Try to do as many veggies as possible with fruits and meat being more occasional- maybe only 1 day a week. Good luck!

    Sounds like a rex :) It’s a common gene and it can vary a lot so if he has wavy fur and whiskers, it sounds like a rex to me :)

    Any way you could submit a video? That sounds very odd :/

    Eh it doesn’t sound like they’ve been handled every day. Generally rats are easy to socialize from babies so they should be more friendly if they’ve been handled every day. But ever rat is different and they might be freaked out to be in a new home so just give them some time and try to spend as much time with them as possible!

    Oh geez. Yeah I would wait until the babies are bigger and can stand up for themselves and then try to reintroduce them slowly. Go through all the steps (they’re in my FAQ if you need a reference). Hopefully it was just a one time thing :/ But if she still seems very aggressive, you may have to separate them. Females don’t tend to have hormonal aggression, so spaying probably wouldn’t help. But it helps a ton with tumor prevention, so spaying is always a great idea and it might help to shuffle up the dynamics. Sorry I don’t have a clearer answer for you :/

    Unfortunately, olive oil is not a good enough solution for lice. You’ll need to use Advantage for kittens to get rid of the eggs. More info here

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  7. Last day of vacation!

    We are heading to the airport in a few hours to head back home.

    Orlando was awesome. We did all 4 Disney parks (thanks to a friend who works there and got us free tickets), Busch Gardens Tampa, and Universal Studios. I think we covered all the bases! The zookeeper conference was a lot of fun too :)

    But it’s back to the zoo tomorrow! I have a job interview for the Small Mammal House keeper position on Thursday so keep your fingers crossed for me :)

    Brie will be going to her new home on Friday. She’ll stay at my parents house (where she’s been while we’ve been in Florida) until then. She seems much happier there since my parents have enough space to separate her from Pepperjack. It will be less stressful for her to just go straight to her new home than to come back to our place with Pepperjack for a week and then leave again. We’re going to miss her so much but we know she’ll be a million times happier in her new home :)

    Sorry I haven’t been able to answer many questions. It’s been crazy busy. I’m going to try to get through most of them now but no promises!

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  9. This sugar bag led to some pretty adorable pictures.

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  10. groom groom groom

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  11. This is a very accurate portrayal :P

    (Source: disneymoviesandfacts)

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  12. I’m trying to take more pictures of them actually exploring and using their cage…they aren’t very good pictures but here are two of them on the rope! Which they don’t use that often so I was excited to see that!

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  13. "Boo"

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  15. Rats were featured in the “It All Started With a Mouse” demo at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We got to meet one of them afterwards and talk to the trainers which was awesome.

    Makes me want to get back into training with mine!

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