1. crepuscularsoiree:

    Waddlesworth is at least 3 1/2 years old (and quite possibly older) and he is a REX rat experiencing normal hair thinning due to the rex gene and his age.  He is completely healthy with NO health issues.

    So, I’ve been terrified to post any pictures of Waddlesworth because I’m afraid I’ll get a bunch of message about how he’s sick and I’m abusive and I didn’t really want to deal with it, but I realized that this blog is mine and I want to be able to look back at my blog and see my rats.


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  2. kris10pauley asked: Okay trying so hard to not creep xD I'm sorry I was looking at all your rats pictures!! I saw you said in one of your posts "when we moved back to Maryland" I'm from Maryland! Are you? XD

    Yes I am!! I grew up in germantown and then I went to school in Colorado for my first two years at college. I transferred back to university of Maryland for junior year/grad school and now I’m living in Arlington, VA.

    I volunteer at the national zoo 5 days a week- basically want to be an animal keeper but I have to put my volunteer time in first lol. But yeah I’m in Maryland a lot seeing my parents and I’m in dc everyday for work.

    Do u still live there??

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  3. Ugh I know I should just give up but this still annoys me :/

    (This is from Rats are Awesome- RAA- on FB)

    I’m not mad at these people for re-posting because most people just don’t understand sourcing issues on the internet and they’re just sharing a cute picture but I hate that these pictures are everywherrrrrre without a source. 

    And if it were just a random photograph of one of my rats I wouldn’t really care but I worked hard on the original “ratvocates” idea and it took me a long time to come up with the phrases and make the cards and take all the pictures and it’s just nice when I actually get credit. And linked to the blog so people can see my other stuff. And they usually just post this one of Remi and people should be able to see all of them :P

    Blarg. I see it on RAA a lot and I usually comment but I’m not on many other rat groups so I’m sure it goes uncorrected there. Oh well. Can’t get them all. 

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  4. Why does etsy have all these rat mugs!?

    Are they trying to steal my money or something???

    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

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  5. More anons!

    This is a follow up to the previous anon question about new bald spots showing up on the rats:
    Yeah it sounds to me like overgrooming. It’s a hard habit to break once it starts unfortunately :/ But it’s not harmful at all- it’s just like biting your fingernails. 

    Do a thorough check for mites, fleas, lice, etc by examining their skin for actual fleas, looking for flea dust, bites, raw areas, redness, etc. Monitor them to see if they’re itchy or anything. If not, it’s just overgrooming and you’ll just have to leave it alone and hope they stop! I tried everything with my overgroomers with no success

    Gah this is one of the biggest things people get confused about with rats. This is going to be a complicated explanation so bear with me and feel free to ask follow up questions.

    The short answer is put her back in with the others- she can’t give a URI to the other rats. If she gets it again, put her on more meds and don’t separate her. Here’s the long answer as to why:

    Virtually all rats have a bacteria in their body called mycoplasma (myco). It lies dormant in their lungs and can “flare up” in reaction to stress, other illness, strong perfumes and odors, etc. When you hear that rats have “sensitive respiratory infections”, what they’re saying is that rats are prone to myco flare-ups. These flare-ups are actually secondary infections, otherwise known as Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs). The symptoms are sneezing, porphyrin discharge from the nose and eyes, wheezing or clacking breathing, lethargy, trouble breathing, appetite loss, etc. 

    I’m assuming you took your rat to the vet when it started showing these symptoms (which is awesome, btw- a lot of people just ignore it). Then you got meds and I assume your vet told you to keep it separate because myco is contagious. While they’re not wrong, keeping them separate is useless because virtually all rats have myco so your other rats can’t catch what they already have. 

    Myco is extremely contagious to other rats- so contagious that all rats actually get it in the womb or the birth canal from their mother. Except for some isolated lab rat groups, all rats- both wild and domestic- have myco in their bodies. Certainly any rat in the pet trade has it- there’s not much doubt about that. So while it is contagious, you can’t get something you already have.

    A somewhat good comparison is herpes simplex 1 (cold sores) in humans: A huge percentage of the human population has oral herpes, otherwise known as cold sores. Whether or not we get visible cold sores is somewhat genetic but that’s besides the point. Lets say person A and person B already have oral herpes and occasionally get cold sores. Herpes lies dormant in your body- it never goes away. A cold sore is just a flare up and it will go away, but that doesn’t mean you’re free of herpes. Person A gets a cold sore and kisses Person B. Even if Person B doesn’t actively have a cold sore, they already have herpes in their body so Person A can’t give person B a cold sore. So they’re happy yay! (Keep in mind that if the other person doesn’t have herpes, it does spread, but this scenario only refers to two herpes positive people. Also note that there are many strains of herpes so this scenario also assumes they have the same strain)

    So if that made any sense, your sick rat isn’t going to get the other rats sick because they aren’t immunocompromised and their bodies are keeping the myco at normal levels. The baytril your sick rat got removed the URI symtpoms by fighting the secondary infection but it will still have myco in it’s lungs. So you aren’t actually getting rid of it- you’re just knocking it down. Which is why rats get recurring or chronic respiratory issues. They aren’t being reinfected, they’re just compromised and it keeps flaring up. 

    I hope that was easy to understand. I have a hard time explaining that point. Your vet probably just doesn’t realize how pervasive URIs are in rats. I’ve heard it so many times that vets want you to separate the sick rat but it just isn’t necessary. Good luck!!!

    So exciting! I had the exact same situation when I got my first pair of rats. But we got them and my roommate fell in love with them! When I moved back to Maryland, we actually split our group of 6 rats into 3 and 3 so she could keep the 3 she liked best :P So you never know!

    I would show them some cute pictures of the ones at the humane society. Also show them this awesome video of rats performing tricks! You can explain to them that rats are clean and groom themselves more than a cat. They are like small dogs in personality and affinity for humans, etc. If they are willing, bring them to the humane society and have them meet the rats. Often people have an idea in their head of a “sewer rat” and then when they see what rats actually look like and get to see their face and whiskers and paws up close, they realize that they are much more delicate and cute then they thought. 

    Also please please please get at least 2 rats! They are social and need rat companions. Do your research and invest in the proper cage and all. While they don’t have long lives, they do live 2-3 years so if you are moving away after college or something and won’t be able to take them, don’t get them :P I have an FAQ section that will help answer a lot of questions for first time rat owners. Good luck!

    Ferret.com usually has the best prices- link here. Good luck!

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  6. Look at my cat she is so damn cute

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  7. Gus Gus wishes everyone a Happy Spring and a Happy Easter!

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  8. Oops sorry I suck at answering messages this week

    Well the only problem with a rat that has seizures is that you really need to keep them in a special cage that is safe for them. The big rat cages with all the ramps and ledges can be very dangerous when they seize and if they aren’t very mobile, she could try to get somewhere and fall and get hurt. So it’s kinda a hard call because you want her to be safe but you also don’t want to put another rat in a sort of boring cage. I’m having the same dilemma with Lionel now because his mobility is getting to the point where he needs to move to a smaller cage soon but I don’t want him to be alone in there but I also don’t know who to stick in there with him. I don’t have any other older or less mobile rats so they would be so bored in a 1 level cage. It’s tough. 

    My suggestion would be to get a 1 level cage- depending on how big he is, most guinea pig or rabbit cages are a good option. He can have very shallow ramps but mostly try to keep stuff on the ground. And keep things soft- no sharp edges or really hard plastics- just in case he runs into stuff during seizures. If either of your older females is lazy and inactive, try introducing them together and then get some young active ones for the big cage and then just manage them as two groups. Or if both of your older girls are inactive, put both of them in the 1 level cage for now and just wait to get new ones if you don’t want two cages. But if your 2 year olds are still active and playful, it’s hard to say what the right answer is. Anyone want to weigh in?

    Every day for at least 30 minutes. Lionel doesn’t consistently get to come out as often as the others because he has mobility issues and a lot of the places they play aren’t safe for him (windowsill, cat tree, etc). He also poops non-stop when he’s out (he has some issues with his colon or something too- he has lots of problems lol). But I try to take him out and snuggle with him to make up for it. They also get training time in the cage where I interact with them and teach them just some basic stuff. That’s usually another 20-30 minutes. And they also interact with my when I take pictures and stuff which isn’t every day but a few times a week. 

    Hahha noo you don’t. It’s hard to get weight off rodents so keep them lean and mean :)

    Just get a litterbox (one of the corner style ferret ones they sell at the petstore work well). I like the scatterless covered ones best. Use a substrate different than their bedding- Carefesh Litterplus, Critter Litter, or just a different style bedding than what’s on the floor. Put it in the corner where you see the most poop and they should use it. Then you can bring the litterpan out on the bed and theoretically they will go in it. There’s no guarantees and they might still urine mark things but hopefully it works! 

    Might be lice? It’s hard to tell from your description. Sounds like there’s definitely something up. Check out this overview of skin issues in rats and take them back to the vet for a skin scrape to see if they cant find anything. Good luck!

    Hmm so is the one year old healthy? Definitely adopt a friend or two for her if she is :))

    Do you mean balding? Are they rexes (curly fur)? Rexes often bald with age and it’s nothing to worry about. But if they aren’t, it could still be old age but it could be overgrooming from stress creating bald spots. Do they seem itchy or are they grooming more than usual? Where is the balding?

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  9. Just bought some Easter themed stuff for the ratties :)

    There were so many cute things!! But alas I’m unemployed so I only picked out a few things. I’m gonna try to take an Easter picture but it’s getting cloudy so idk if it will rain before I get out there :/

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  10. noodlebutts:

    when my rats pee on my skin i pick up the offending rat and use them to wipe it off

    Omg I didn’t think anyone did this but me :P

    (via reedtownrats)

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  11. Mom we need some more beers I dranks them all

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  12. Such a pretty cat <3

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  13. tinypawpets:

    I <3 this

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  14. Guys I just really love my rats

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  15. Counting down the days until I can get my dime rats!! Her commisions are currently closed :(

    Here is her tumblr, FB, and deviant art. These are the cutest things in the world. I’ll be getting Oliver, Nora, Scout, and Lucy :)

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