1. Licks for John

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  3. Overcrowded Rat Situation- Rats Available for Adoption!

    Hey DC Metro area rat people- there’s a rescue situation going on in Maryland where two rescues are pulling rats from an overcrowding situation. They have around 90 available. Male rats are going to Dakota’s Dream and females are going to Small Angels Rescue

    Pictures to come on their websites once they have all the rats. Sounds like they have lots of interesting colors and markings and a lot of them are dumbo. If you’re looking to rescue rats, now would be the time!

    Definitely considering a female for me…

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  4. Shameless begging

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  5. I’m dying

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  6. Precious :)

    The rest of them are all back there lol

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  7. I’m watching TV with the rats and I put Ru in my sweatshirt because I’m still working on bonding with her. Next thing I know all 7 of them are cuddled up in there sleeping. It’s like a warm rat vest :)

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  8. Muir Woods was amazing. My camera couldn’t even begin to capture the prehistoric feeling the forest had. I took a bunch of pictures but these are the only ones that even came close to showing you how pretty it was

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  9. Suspicious faces

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  10. Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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  11. "Dis is my tissue box."

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  12. Pictures from the California Academy of Sciences at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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  13. Tissue box= instant rat trap.

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  14. Look how big she’s getting!

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  15. Yeah sometimes as a snack. They get fish protein in their Oxbow food so they don’t need it as a supplement but occasionally I give them lean deli meats, a chicken bone, or mealworms as a snack. They’re omnivores so they definitely need animal proteins in their diet!

    That’s not even remotely related to my blog? But no I think spiders are awesome. 

    Oh awesome :) Glad everything went well!

    Can anyone help? 

    I would also suggest posting it on some rat facebook groups or forums just to get the word out there. Definitely include pictures, your location, and some info about the individual rats! Good luck finding them a good home. So sorry you’re having to go through this.

    I think that would be ok for three rats as long and they have lots to play with and get time out of the cage with you :)

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