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  2. "Scuse me human why there no food here?"

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  3. Anonsies

    Aw yay Lionel love! He really deserves it :) And I’m glad your rat has you! I’m happy when I hear that special needs animals have found the right homes

    It’s hard to say. Sometimes rats go through hormonal periods where they may fight more. It doesn’t usually get severe enough that it requires separation- especially if they’ve been living together with no major trauma or life changes. You could consider just getting the aggressor neutered if you couldn’t afford to do all of them. Or you could try taking out items they tend to fight over. Or feed them separately if food is the main thing they’re fighting over. But it’s kind of just trial and error. Obviously monitor their interactions and make sure they don’t become more aggressive. But a little bit of fighting and the occasional wound are normal in rats- especially males. We can’t get along with everyone all the time. But if it’s more severe than that and they seem stressed or are getting seriously injured, you may need to take steps to either re-shuffle their dynamic or separate them. Let’s hope that’s not the case though!

    Myco is a bacteria that is present in all rats. It lives in the lung tissue and is passed from mother to offspring either in utero or during birth. In this respect, it is highly contagious. But it is so contagious that all rats have it- save for a few heavily monitored lab groups- so there’s no risk of one of your rats “giving it” to the other. All rats are infected with myco, but it usually stays are relatively low levels in their systems. When they become stressed or ill, it can flare up and cause secondary infections- the most common being an upper respiratory infection. This presents with a wide range of symptoms from sneezing to wheezing, excessive mucus around eyes and nose, labored or clicky breathing, weight loss, lethargy, appetite loss, and eventually death. It’s simple to treat and at the first sign of any noisy breathing, rats should be taken to the vet for a course of antibiotics. The antibiotics won’t get rid of the myco, but they will knock it down and treat the secondary infection- so your rat will go back to normal. 

    That’s pretty much the basics. It’s a constant plague in every rat owner’s life. But it’s better to treat it early so it doesn’t progress and lead to life threatening problems. 

    I don’t know much. Oxbow is generally a good brand so I would trust their hamster food- especially over seed mixes. Generally the “boring” diets are the best. The colors are all just artificial dyes and all those seeds and fruits are sugar sugar sugar. Do some research and maybe join some hamster groups and they probably have a list of the best foods. But yeah Oxbow is a good company so it’s probably a pretty good bet :)

    Well Brie doesn’t have and “eye thing”. She has the beginnings of kidney disease. Cats can pull their third eyelids up and it’s a sign of general sickness or stress. If you’re seeing it consistently, definitely take your cat to the vet. It’s a very general symptom- much like a fever- but it tells you that something might be wrong :/ Better to get it checked out just in case.

    Yeah her fur has flattened a lot and her adult coat is coming in! She’s a similar blue to Oliver now :) And yeah her eye is great! So happy she healed without any issues :)

    Hey! So this is like a 6 part question and I don’t want to post it all here cuz it’s super long. If you want to send me a private message, I’d be happy to answer all the non-bird parts there :)

    The cockatiel blog is flockdynamics. She’d definitely be able to help with your question!

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  4. Trying to make cat hammocks?

    I’m trying to think of ways to scale up my rat hammocks for the cats. Maybe a rectangular bunk bed style? Not sure how to suspend it but maybe a PVC frame or something. 

    Has anyone made homemade cat hammocks/beds that they want to share with me? Apparently this is my Sunday night project…

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  5. Submission!

    "Hi Kara! I absolutely love your blog and your rats are SOOO cute.  I hate to ask this but I’m having a bit of a crisis right now, so would you mind reblogging this post: http://oppressionisntrad.tumblr.com/post/96240953870/disabled-queer-teen-begging-for-help 

    You have a huge fallowing and so many of us respect you so much you could help me save these rats”

    Of course! Signal boost to anyone who can help or donate!

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  6. My blog turned 2 today!

    Thank you so much for making this blog what it is today. It’s been such an awesome experience!

    I feel a giveaway coming soon :)

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  7. Hell Yeah! About half of these are my pictures and they’re actually sourced! So happy :)

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  8. She’s beauty and she’s grace :P

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  10. Glamorous whiskers

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  11. I couldn’t decide which one of these was cuter so I had to post both :P

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  12. American blue dumbo female?? Please please someone adopt her and give her a good home!

    Why am I on craigslist right now.

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  13. Here are some dwarf mongooses cuddling in a basket to brighten your day. I love my job.

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  15. karasratworld:

    Gus-Gus checking out his new view from the cat perch

    baby Gus was so curly- sob.

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