1. effyeahpetrats:

    Quinto: Silly rat, carrots are for eating! 

    Atlas: What is this tomfoolery you speak of? They’re obviously for stacking on one’s head! 

    (Look at those gorgeous whiskers! And Atlas has much more self control than my boys do :P Submitted by tea-at-the-treedome)

    !?!? Why are these the most beautiful rats??? Gasp I love them

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  2. "Hai I is very cute and you should feeds me somethin"

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  3. Hm if it’s just sneezing, it’s probably not an emergency yet. Is it a lot of sneezing or just an occasional one or two sneezes? Make sure you aren’t using pine or cedar bedding. No candles, air fresheners, perfumes, hairsprays, etc. near the cage. If you use really dusty bedding, consider switching to something low dust. Those things might help with minor sneezing issues. Keep your eye out for clacking or wheezing. Respiratory things can go downhill quickly so be prepared to take him to the vet if more symptoms show up.

    Depends on the rat and the other animal. Generally, rats get used to having other animals around and mostly ignore them. A few of mine were afraid of the cats at first and now they could care less. My rats have always been fine with my parents’ dogs (3 golden retrievers). But some rats might be fearful or aggressive and some dogs may be highly prey driven so you really shouldn’t let them interact much. A few sniffs if you’re right there holding them but other than that, just let them do their separate things. 

    For a puppy, just introduce it slowly to the rats- by smell first and then let the dog see the rats but not interact and then maybe hold a rat and let the puppy sniff it. Even if the puppy isn’t going after them, it’s obviously going to be a lot bigger and could hurt them just trying to play so I would limit interaction to very supervised and short sessions. Sounds like that’s what you were planning. But long story short, rats are usually fine with other animals given a week or two to get used to them :) 

    Oops sorry I didn’t post this before Easter. But people probably still have the plastic eggs around so I’ll post it now :)

    Yeah this is a good idea :) But take the eggs out after a few hours because the rats will chew through the plastic :P

    She will come around! Giving her space right now is probably good but you can definitely start to handle her when the babies are born. Handle the babies too :) She is probably happy to be in a good home and she will calm down once she’s done with the babies and realizes that nothing bad is happening to her. Good luck with all the pinkies!! 

    Each set needs 1.5 yards so 3 yards total :)

    Yay I love questions like this. The best cage in my opinion for you would be the single unit critter nation. The cheapest you can get it new is here but scrounge around a little on craigslist and other used sites. It’s more expensive than other cages its size but it is so worth it. It’s an amazing cage- super easy to clean. very accessible, etc. etc. I have the double unit and it’s the best cage I’ve ever had. 

    For food, I would feed them either Oxbow Regal Rat food or Harlan Tekad lab blocks. Oxbow is easier to get and I like it better so that would be my recommendation. They sell it at petsmart (not petco) and in bulk here. You can supplement this with fresh fruits, veggies, grains, etc a few times a week. 

    For the other animals, just do slow introductions. Mostly they just need to be used to smelling and seeing each other. They don’t really need to interact but if you want to do very careful introductions, make sure you supervise the whole time and hold onto the rats. I have cats and my rats have lived with my parents’ dogs with no issues so don’t stress about it too much. 

    I’m excited that you’re getting rats! I have some more info on my FAQ page that might help you. I also have a toy post here for some inspiration since you’re new to rats. Good luck!

    (See previous anon answers for the 1st part). Jeez sorry you’re having to deal with that. Wait until the baby is fully weaned to do any intros- at least 5 weeks but I would wait closer to 8-10 to give it a chance to get big enough to defend itself. There’s tons of resources online about raising baby rats so just search around and you’ll find good information.

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  4. Ha I’m so proud of myself. 

    I saw this picture on tumblr a few days ago and I was like hmm that looks like Mandara- a female gorilla from the National Zoo where I volunteer. I liked it so I could go back to it later and today I reverse image searched the picture and sure enough it’s from a flickr account here. He has pictures from zoos all over the east coast but this set is definitely from DC- I see other pictures of the rest of our gorilla family too. Go me and my gorilla face recognition. Here is the original source for the picture. The baby is Kibibi, who is 5 now :P

    This guy is an awesome photographer. I love this one of Lucy, one of the orangs at the National Zoo. 

    (Source: allthingsprimate, via anthrocentric)

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  5. many-splendored-rat:

    Philip has become addicted to tickling & now he stands poised like this whenever I get near the cage & as soon as I tickle him, he goes galloping off, crushing his smaller cagemates & tripping over boxes & whatnot, & then he comes running back for more tickles.

    Gahhhh what a squish

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  6. Gah I see I have a bunch of messages but we just got back from family Easter dinner and I’m gonna konk out. I’ll get to them tomorrow :)

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  7. Corn husks are their favorite thing

    This one has banana/almond milk smoothie in it. They go crazy!

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  8. More of Nemesis being adorable

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  9. The best of Gus’ easter photoshoot. Happy Easter!

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  10. Look at those big old elf ears :P

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  11. Food time yay!

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  12. So pretty and colorful! 

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  13. Brie did well in the car and at the vet- she’s gained a little more weight! 6.5 pounds yay! We’re going to keep her on the steroid for another week and then come back for vaccines.

    She has some gingivitis and the start of a cavity on her teeth so we will need to do some cleaning there.

    2 weeks after the vaccines we will come back for spaying, microchipping, a teeth clean, and urine recheck.

    Blarg so many vet trips

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  14. I would take the chance. Sounds like it has an upper respiratory infection. The vet will need to prescribe some antibiotics. Here is a guide that you can bring to the vet that includes dosing information. Good luck!

    How pregnant is she? Definitely handle her gently but you should be able to spend time with her! If she’s in the last few days, she may be uncomfortable and it’s probably best to give her some space. You can keep socializing her as soon as the babies are born. Pinkies yay!!!

    1 week?? They aren’t even close to weaned at 1 week. Their eyes are closed and they are just starting to get their fur. Does that sound like what you have? If so, they need milk obviously until they are weaned at 4 weeks. I’m hoping that just a typo and your rat is older. People usually recommend waiting until boys are 10 weeks to introduce them to adult males. It depends on the personality of your males and if they’ve had successful intros with babies before. I introduced Nemmy at 7 weeks with really no issues.  I have a very detailed layout in my FAQ about how to do proper introductions- definitely check it out before you start. 

    Gah you might have just surprised him :/ Honestly, I’ve never been bitten and I don’t have much experience rehabbing rats that do bite. I would message Lisa from many-splendored-rat. She has done amazing things with rats that have behavior problems and she will probably be able to help you more than I can!

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  15. Taking Brie to the vet again tomorrow

    She’s going to have her eyes re-evaluated now that she’s been on the oral steroid. Hopefully she can be done with the meds and then we’ll be able to re-test her urine next week. The vet can’t test it while she’s on the steroids. Her urine did make improvements from her first appointment to the second (more concentrated essentially) but we’re still not in the clear and the vet is still concerned that she may have a kidney issue. 

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all her issues were just from malnutrition and neglect. We’ve seen so much improvement in her energy level, body condition, fur, and eyes since we’ve had her. But I hate the waiting game on the kidney stuff because that is really scary.

    I also hate that we have to bring her in so many times! There’s this time, then again to re-check her urine and if she’s healthy, do her vaccines. Then again to spay her. Poor thing. That’s a lot of time traveling and being stressed out when she’s trying to settle in and become comfortable here. 

    She’s improving everyday in terms of confidence. She is more comfortable with us and Pepperjack. They play a lot and sometimes they go too far and start swatting but mostly it is friendly.

    Pepperjack stopped greeting me at the door- he used to come running and meowing loudly whenever we came home but now he doesn’t. Which is a good thing, although I miss it because it was cute. But I know it means he isn’t as lonely now and we don’t have to be the center of his world anymore. I’m so happy that things are going this well because we were definitely on rocky ground at first. 

    I’ll let you know what we find out at the vet!

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