1. Rats Are Home!

    Ratties are home from Julia’s and all set up :) I’m so glad they could go stay with her! 

    Couldn’t be happier to have them home- I missed them a lot!

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  2. Look who I have! :)

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  3. Someone is glad to have us home!

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  4. Much chin. Very blob.

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  5. My dime rats are done!!! From left to right it’s Scout, Remi, Lucy, and Oliver!

    They were done by Sculptures by Eve :) Her commissions are currently closed but she has a Facebook, tumblr, and deviant art if you want to look her up and check out her work (you should).

    I’ve wanted these forever so I’m so glad I got my order in and I can’t wait for them to get here! I’m already planning the next set for when she opens commissions again :)

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  6. noodlebutts:

    'Mum, I am very confused by these flowers.'

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  7. Haha I lost 3 followers answering all those questions separately

    Whoops! Sorry! I’m sure that was annoying to have it clogging up your dashboard

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  8. karasratworld:

    "Hai. We are very cute and you should let us out"

    Throwback Thursday (a few days late I know). But this is one of my favorite pictures because it sums rats up so well :)

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  9. hejji said: Hey, Kara! I really love the blog! I know your blog is about your ratties, but I also know that you have your two lovely cats: Brie and Pepperjack! You always seem to have great recommendations for rat related stuff, but I was wondering: Do you have any recommendations for cat towers and other miscellaneous cat amusements? I recently got a full-time job, and I just wanted to make sure my Maddie would be happy and amused while I was gone. Thank you so much for your time! :)

    Yay I love this question! Cats!

    Cat toys are awesome and there are lots of different varieties. Cats vary a lot in what they like to play with so you may need to experiment with different kinds until you find what works for Maddie. Pepperjack loves dangling toys that he can jump and swat at but Brie prefers small ground toys that she can bat at and chase.I’ll try and break it down into categories and then list some products that I’ve had success with :)

    Chasing Toys:
    Young and playful cats tend to looove these. They can be little feathers on sticks or long swirly paper or basically anything that is bouncy and fun. Pepperjack is beyond obsessed with this butterfly toy from Petsmart. We’ve had to replace it twice in the year we’ve had him! Other choices are toys like this, this, or this. They’re usually pretty cheap but they require a human player so they’re not great toys if you need a cat to entertain themselves. Laser pointers are similar to these but be careful because some cats get way too worked up over laser pointers and it can be more stressful than fun so watch your cat and make sure they don’t have an unhealthy interest in the laser. 

    Ground Toys:
    These are toys that you can leave scattered around like balls, plush toys, rope toys, etc. They often have catnip inside and are great for self-entertainment. Brie’s favorite toy is a little fabric worm similar to this stuffed with catnip. She will dig through the toy box to get it and then roll around with it and drag it all over the house. Other options include this, this, or this. You can combine it with a chasing toy by buying an battery powered or wind up mouse or ball that will run around the house on its own. Some cats also love crinkly toys- both of ours seem to be a bit intimidated by the sound but sometimes adding crinkly paper or buying a toy that chirps or squeaks can make an otherwise ignored toy a favorite. 

    Sacks and Tunnels:
    Cats love to explore small, dark places so tunnels, enclosed beds, boxes, and sacks are usually a hit. We have a cat tunnel like this but it is often ignored and our cats prefer their boxes. We leave a few boxes open under chairs and things like that for them to sleep in. Crinkle sacks are great but they aren’t very big so they only work for smaller cats. Brie can fit inside it but Pepperjack is too big so he just squishes it down and sleeps on top. A lot of cat trees also have tunnels and enclosed spaces in them- those cat trees are usually worth the extra money because they have features the cats will really use. But boxes are definitely a favorite. If you get a bunch of packages and you have a lot of boxes, you can cut holes in them and make a little maze for the cats to play in. We did that once and it was a huge success. They stayed in there all day!

    Station Toys:
    These are modeled after baby toys that have a central mat or area where a bunch of different toys are attached to. They can also be one toy connected to a base (like those spring loaded toys attached to a scratching post base). Some examples include this, this, and this. Our cats have never shown much interest in them but if you have an older cat or one with mobility issues, these are a great way for them to play without having to run around too much. 

    Cat Trees/Cat Condos:
    These things are the ultimate cat toys. But they’re extremely expensive and take up a ton of space.We have two but we got them both used on craigslist. I would really recommend this but always make sure you check it out before you take it home to make sure there are no urine stains and that it’s intact and not going to break. If you’re handy with power tools, you can make you own with some sturdy tree branches, plywood, and carpeting samples. Our big cat tree was homemade by someone and we got it used for $20 :) Try to find skinny and tall ones if you don’t have a ton of space. Most cats prefer to climb and will usually go to the highest point on the tree. Definitely try to find ones with built in scratching posts. Our cats are very good and they only use their scratching posts here. We actually have a few other standalone scratching posts but they prefer the ones on the tree. I would go to the pet and the “for sale” section of craigslist and search for cat tree, cat condo, cat apartment, or cat tower. You’ll definitely find some good ones! I looked for about 2 weeks for one that I liked at a good price within a reasonable driving distance. Also try to put them in areas of your house that you spend a lot of time in. As much as cats try to pretend like they don’t care about you, most of them like to be near you so they probably won’t use a cat tree as much if it’s tucked away in a rarely trafficked part of the house. We have one next to the couch in the living room and one in the corner of the dining room next to our table and Pepperjack sits at the table one when we eat and then follows us to the one near the couch when we watch TV. Brie is more independent and she’ll use the trees on her own terms. So again, it depends a lot on the personality of the cat. 

    I hope that at least covered the bases! Try to experiment with one of each of those kinds of toys and see what she likes. Try catnip or cat grass. See if she prefers more “busy” toys or if she’s happy with a little ball or mouse to play with. She may be more adventurous and love boxes and tunnels or she may prefer to play on a crinkle mat. As long as you have a variety of things for her to choose from, she’ll be happy. I’ll add more to this as I think of things and people are welcome to message me and add suggestions- but try to keep it to broad categories rather than individual toys that you cat likes. Hope it helps!

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  10. Ok sorry I’m done with the anons now!

    Sorry for that formatting. I only have my phone and John’s tablet with me so I can’t do things like normal! 

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  11. Anonymous said: How many rats have you had all together?

    I’ve owned 20 so far and I’ve had a few others that I either lived with (like Julia’s rats) or that I kept for a few weeks like my cousin’s rats Oreo and Little Lucy. So yeah! Lots of rats lol

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  12. Anonymous said: Hello Kara--I have two pet store rats that I have had about three weeks now. Socializing them has been a very slow process and you are right, this can be challenging to new pet rat owners. Not knowing what to expect, I am continually uncertain as to how things are going and what I am doing right or wrong. My question is on pet carriers suitable for rats. I saw one online that looks appealing: "Hagen Living World Small Animal Carrier Large." Can you give me an opinion? Many thanks, Lexy

    Sounds like a good travel cage! You can also look for used dog and cat carriers online to save some money. As for socialization, I’m sure you’re doing everything you can. Just keep spending time with them and giving them lots of treats and slowly they’ll come around :)

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  13. Anonymous said: I use fleece liners in my rats cage. I cannot get the urine smell out of it, no matter how many times I wash. Any advice?

    I use Odoban in the wash with the detergent. You can get it at Home Depot or Sams club if you live in the US. Sometimes I wash the liners twice and that gets the smell out!

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  14. Anonymous said: What type of rat cage do you have? I'm getting two boys soon and I want as big of a cage as possible- yours seems to fit the description!

    It’s a Midwest Critter Nation cage. It’s actually two cages but together- one double unit and one single unit added together to make a 3 unit cage

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  15. Anonymous said: Is it true that rats smell?

    Haha this is an odd one to answer.

    Rodents smell much much less than other rodents. But they’re animals and all animals smell to some degree! Rat cages definitely smell after a week and sometimes sooner because of the poop and pee but rats themselves groom themselves more than a cat so they almost always smell good if you pick them up and smell their fur.

    So yes and no. If you’re looking for a small pet and you’re worried about smell, rats smell much less than a guinea pig or ferret or rabbit- etc etc. But they still have a smell and their cage will need to be cleaned regularly! So don’t get them expecting minty freshness all the time :)

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